MAY-21 Series


It is a poster for Drone Berlin Design Show.The show will be held 14-15 October 2016. MAY-21 Series is a conceptual design of two different class UAVs.
MAY-21(Big Friend) is a High Altitude Long endurance UAV its primary purpose is to support Special Operation Forces during global military operations and destroy high priority targets. High strength composite air-frame, good aerodynamic properties of shape and rooms for weapon inside fuselage make it effective in its role and difficult to be recognized by air defense systems.
Aerodynamic calculations were performed using CFD(Computational Fluid dynamics)
particularly FVM(Finite Volume Method). Next stage should be airframe strength analysis and optimization using FEM(Finite Element Method).

MAY-21(Rescuer) was designed according to Airbus Cargo Drone Challenge requirements. It is a “little” UAV with vertical take off and landing function.Its primary role should be participation in search and rescue operations. There was maximal effort to achieve as small surface area as it was possible for good lift to drug ratio. Simple design can be developed to one of the effective rescuer drone. All flight and safety equipment are aligned  in optimal positions. Air-frame strength analysis and optimization using FEM(Finite Element Method) have to be carried out for detailed design.