Work on VTOL Hybrid UAV Prototype

In 2018 we started work on Vertical Take-off and Landing(VTOL) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) design which will be powered using hybrid system. The main goal is to achieve fully autonomous operation of  the drone with increased flight endurance up to 24 hours. This is 2 meters long drone with 4 meters wing span, four electric motors are aligned around center of gravity and providing VTOL operation.

Project-X, Unmanned Air Technologies 2018

Vankel engine provides main power during conventional flight and same time is a driver for power generation unit which maintains LiPo battery charged for electric motors system. Using hybrid system we have powerful drone with minimum CO2 emission,high mobility and increased safety  factor.

Hybrid Power System for Project-X, Unmanned Air Technologies 2018

It can be used in any industry starting from emergency response operations to monitoring of protected areas. Thermal camera mounted on the fuselage gives possibility to fly  night or any weather condition.

We are making 1:3 scale prototype for the project. Full drone is built with advanced composite materials.

1:3 prototype , Unmanned Air Technologies 2019

We are searching investment possibilities to develop 1:1 scale project with its full power and limitless operations. We are working to change the future of flight!